Sourcer/Recruiter Education

Recruiting - a comprehensive glossary

A glossary of the top 50 terms used in recruiting and sourcing - a helpful place to start for anyone new to the field.

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Hiring Data Engineers - a definitive guide

A comprehensive guide to recruiting data engineers and how the role differs from data scientists and data analysts.

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How to recruit on GitHub

GitHub - all you need to know about it as a recruiter or sourcer including how it works and how to use it to recruit!

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Hiring QA engineers - a definitive guide

A comprehensive guide to hiring QA engineers - the blog covers the basics of the field, where to find QA engineers, how to structure your search and compensation details for QA engineers

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DevOps - quick reference guide

A quick reference guide to DevOps - what it is, why companies adopt DevOps, key concepts such as automation, orchestration and container, and how to evaluate resumes of DevOps engineers

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DevOps - A glossary for recruiters

DevOps 101 - a glossary of the top 20 technical terms one might encounter on a candidate's resume

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