Executive Search, RPO, and
Contingency Recruiting

Our unique approach and comprehensive technical recruiting services set Rocket apart from the rest. We combine in-house AI and expert recruiters to deliver an experience unparalleled in the industry.

Flexible Technical Recruiting Models
to Help You Hire Better

Rocket scales and adapts with the needs of your business, with comprehensive offerings in Executive Search, Contingency Recruiting, and RPO.
Get connected to the top 1% of talent
High growth companies need qualified, vetted professionals to fuel their growth, and our contingency recruiting model helps you find them. Leverage Rocket’s AI paired with talented technical recruiters to quickly fill critical roles, from software engineers to data scientists, product managers to accounting managers and more.

✔️ We represent your company accurately by taking a comprehensive view
✔️ Quickly iterate with your feedback and use it to sharpen our search
✔️ A data-driven approach to building a pipeline of top candidates that convert
✔️ Understanding our candidates’ motivations and passions, closing 80% of offers made
Your Path to Executive Excellence
The right executive team is the foundation of every company’s success. Rocket brings the perspective of former executives from McKinsey, Amazon, Zynga, SurveyMonkey, NetApp and an executive search team with 20+ years of experience to help you hire hard to fill management positions from C-level executives to vice presidents and senior directors.

Has your executive search partner ever been a company executive before? Have they ever raised venture financing? Have they led a company through an acquisition?

Rocket’s team of executive recruiters will map the entire candidate market, screening potential candidates with a high bar before delivering a hand crafted set of the best leaders to you.

From our vast network of startup execs, we will tap highly qualified leaders, facilitate comprehensive vetting, and connect you with the top candidates.
An extension of your in-house talent team
Rocket’s embedded team provides frictionless partnership, functioning as an in-house recruiting machine. Our trained technical recruiters operate completely within your environment, while leveraging Rocket’s proprietary AI to source, screen and engage 5x as many candidates.

Our RPO model offers you the flexibility to deploy our recruiters throughout your entire global enterprise, or within a specific geographic region, division, department, or function.

Let us handle recruiting, so you can get back to pursuing your mission and growth initiatives.

Our 80/20 Approach

By leveraging our AI powered sourcing and workflow software, our technical recruiters spend 80% of their time on what really matters – building relationships with clients and candidates – and 20% of their time sourcing.
Deeper client integration
Improved candidate calibration
More qualified candidates
Improved candidate experience
Precision role matching
Higher offer acceptance %
Reach more candidates faster
Increased search granularity
Sourcing at scale
We Go Beyond LinkedIn
Our proprietary AI, trained over 7 years, enables our technical recruiters to get more granular than LinkedIn, with filters specifically created for hard-to-find technical talent.
Similarity Scores
Like candidates from certain companies because of their engineering culture?  We can filter for that with Similarity Scores.
Advanced Filters
We score our candidates on dozens of filters not available in any other software to provide the the best match for your role.
Streamline your diversity recruitment initiatives by leveraging our finely tuned AI models.

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