Sourcer/Recruiter Education

DevOps engineer vs. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Overview of SRE and DevOps - what each role does, their responsibilities, the technologies they use, and whether they can be substituted for each other in a startup.

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DevOps engineer vs. Backend engineer

Learn about the differences between a DevOps engineer and a Backend engineer

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Data engineer vs. Backend engineer

Differences between a data engineer and a backend engineer

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Designers - what are the different types?

Summary of the different types of designers and what they work on and how they differ from other designers.

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Assessing portfolios for UI/UX designers - a quick guide

How to assess portfolios as a recruiter - tips and best practices

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Hiring UI/UX designers - a definitive guide

A comprehensive guide to understanding UI/UX designers and how to effectively recruit them into your organization

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