Thought leadership

CFO or Controller?

What is the difference between a controller and a CFO? When should you hire a controller versus a CFO?

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Do I need to hire a CFO?

Overview of the CFO role and a framework to decide when to hire a CFO as a startup and what type of CFO to hire.

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Founders dilemma - lead with iOS or Android?

How to decide whether to build for iOS or Android first as a founder or product leader. We cover the 6 key criteria you should consider before making a decision.

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Hiring managers - how to work effectively with them

10 tips on how to work effectively with hiring managers as a recruiter

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Hiring Machine Learning Engineers - a primer

A primer on how to hire Machine Learning (ML) engineers based on Rocket's experience building ML teams at dozens of innovative clients including Cruise, Lyft, CrossingMinds, Perplexity and more. We cover what an ML engineer does, how they differ from related fields such as NLP or Computer Vision engineers, how to find ML engineers and sample interview questions for them.

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Should you prepare candidates for the final round?

A discussion of the pros and cons of preparing candidates for final rounds and how that compares to spending time on other activities

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