How We Work

Our unique approach and comprehensive offerings set Rocket apart from the rest.

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach, guided by technology, to deliver results. You will work closely with an experienced Account Manager on our team to make a great hire, guaranteed.
Understand Your Job Requirements

We understand all facets of your needs and drive alignment early to avoid surprises down the line.

Identify Candidates

Our comprehensive search casts a wide net, uncovering candidates others may miss. Your preferences and behavior are used by our machine learning algorithms to select the best matches.

Engage Matches

We aggregate data about each candidate to build a rich profile. Our knowledge of candidate motivations allows us to effectively communicate your story.

Close Offers

We run point on logistics to ensure successful interviews. Use our market insights and expertise to make compelling offers.

What makes Rocket different?

Employer Brand

We take the time to make sure we properly represent your company, mission and culture before we do any work on your behalf.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithms use attributes spanning experience, skills, career progression and education in order to determine the best fit.

Workflow software

Even the best recruiters only have 24 hours in a day. By using Rocket’s technology, our recruiters are able to spend more time with candidates.

Custom Search

Every search with Rocket is a custom search focused on your exact role and specifications with candidate outreach customized to the opportunity.


We work where you do, whether that is email, Slack, Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Taleo or any other tool - just let us know and we will make it work.

Our Offerings

Executive Search

The right executive team is the foundation of every company’s success. Rocket brings the perspective of former executives from McKinsey, Amazon, Zynga, SurveyMonkey, NetApp and an executive search team with 20+ years of experience to help you hire hard to fill management positions from C-level executives to vice presidents and senior directors.

Has your executive search partner ever been a company executive before? Have they ever raised venture financing? Have they led a company through an acquisition?

Contact us if you want to try an unparalleled search experience driven by people who know the job inside out having done it themselves.

Professional Search

High growth companies need qualified, vetted professionals to fuel their growth. Leverage Rocket’s AI paired with talented recruiters to quickly fill critical roles ranging from software engineers to data scientists to product managers to accounting managers and more. Read more about our areas of speciality.

Our methodology and approach ensures that we move with a sense of urgency while maintaining high quality. Read more about our approach. Our success is dependent on your success so there is no risk to working with Rocket.


Use Rocket’s platform to augment your internal candidate sourcing efforts. Utilizing our candidate matching and sourcing engine, we will identify the right candidates for your role and contact them via personalized email. We do all the heavy lifting on sourcing so your teams can focus on higher value activities like evaluating candidates and closing offers. With fixed monthly fees, Sourcing provides predictability and high ROI.

Skills Assessment

Do you have the right skills and talent in your company to compete in an ever more complex future? Leverage Rocket’s expertise to conduct a talent & skills assessment across your organization to understand key gaps and areas of improvement.

Contract Hiring

Rocket provides on demand staffing to clients who need to augment their teams for both long and short term projects. We will quickly shortlist candidates for you who have both the technical skills and the cultural fit to hit the ground running on Day One.

In addition to the search, we also manage all the logistics involved including background & reference checks, on-boarding, payroll, benefits and extensions/termination.


Rocket’s end to end solution takes care of everything recruiting related for your organization. Rocket’s trained recruiters, deployed inside your company while continuing to leverage our technology, will work closely with your HR and C-level team to take care of everything recruiting and hiring related including:

  • JD creation and sourcing
  • Attracting candidates, phone screening and scheduling onsites
  • Offer management and on-boarding
  • Termination and exit interviews

You can deploy RPO throughout your entire global enterprise, or within a specific geographic region, division, department, or function.

Let us handle recruiting so you can get back to pursuing your mission and growth initiatives

Rocket scales with you from seed to IPO - a single partner for all your recruiting needs.

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