Our Approach

Humans for what they do best, AI for the rest

Jia Yi Situ

Technical Recruiter

Anjennette Wong

Director of Recruiting

Our Process

Understand Your Job Requirements

We understand all facets of your needs and drive alignment early to avoid surprises down the line.


Identify Candidates

Our comprehensive search casts a wide net, uncovering candidates others may miss. Your preferences and behavior are used by our machine learning algorithms to select the best matches.

Engage Matches

We aggregate data about each candidate to build a rich profile. Our knowledge of candidate motivations allows us to effectively communicate your story.


Close Offers

We run point on logistics to ensure successful interviews. Use our market insights and expertise to make compelling offers.

Employer Brand

In today’s world, employer brand is critical and we take the responsibility of representing your brand seriously. We take the time to make sure we properly represent your company, mission and culture before we do any work on your behalf. On top of that, our tech allows us to triage candidate communications so we can guarantee quick responses and provide a candidate experience that is superior to a traditional agency.

Big Data & Machine Learning

It’s difficult for recruiters to manage an encyclopedic knowledge of companies, schools and skills in order to properly evaluate candidates for a role. Our machine learning algorithms categorize candidates across 32 different attributes spanning experience, skills, career progression and education in order to determine the best fit for each individual role.

We train our machine learning system to identify the right candidates that match your specific needs. Over time the system learns based on who you like and who you do not. Three out of four candidates we submit to hiring managers are accepted into the recruiting process.

Best in Class Workflow Solution

Even the best recruiters only have 24 hours in a day. By using Rocket’s technology, our recruiters are able to spend more time on candidate and client interactions. Our system uses machine learning to triage communications so candidates are not left waiting hours, let alone days, for responses. This single improvement on its own makes a significant impact to the candidate experience. Beyond that our recruiters can spend more time on the phone with candidates so they don’t feel rushed and we can uncover all the relevant details.

Unfortunately too often candidates are left cold or don’t get the proper attention once they transition from the recruiting firm to the client. We continue to develop the relationship with the candidate to make sure we can help you close them after the evaluation process.

Scheduling & Support

While we are a technology company, we believe people are critical to the core of the recruiting process. The nuances of recruiting in a candidate driven market require lots of personalized interactions, and as such we always have at least one recruiter dedicated to you per role. We work where you do, whether that is email, Slack, Lever, Greenhouse, Jobvite, Taleo or any other tool - just let us know and we will make it work..

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