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Our functional areas of expertise enable our clients to build collaborative teams with strong skill sets and cultural alignment.

Kyle Linayao

Technical Recruiter


Rocket brings its deep expertise in engineering to help clients find the best technical talent. Leveraging years of technical & programming experience among the founders, Rocket’s recruiters bring an unparalleled degree of technical sophistication and speak the same language as your hiring managers. Some of our specialties include:

  • Product Engineers (Backend, Frontend, Fullstack)
  • Mobile Engineers
  • Data Engineers
  • Devops (SREs, Infrastructure)
  • Sales, Implementation, and Support Engineers
  • Directors/VPs of Engineering & CTOs
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“What has really impressed me about Rocket is their level of partnership. They’re very responsive to feedback and consistently deliver amazing engineering candidates. They kept plugging away at it to find us the perfect fit.”
- Grant Lee, Chief Operating Officer, Clearbrain
Funded by YC and Menlo Ventures, Clearbrain provides self-serve predictive analytics for marketers.
"It's been awesome working with Rocket. They helped place me at my current position, and now I work with them to help get other amazing co-workers. I love my job and enjoy working with Rocket to keep making it better."
- Dustin Goodman, B.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech with 5 years of software development experience.

Product Management & Growth

Rocket’s executives have 20+ years of product experience in both B2B and B2C companies which informs our unique approach to product management hiring. Rather than thinking of product managers as CEOs of the product, we believe they are the customer advocate & evangelist within an organization and successful product managers have both core competencies (customer interviews & user testing, feature prioritization & roadmap planning, pricing & revenue modeling, defining & tracking success metrics to name just a few) as well as an extraordinary level of emotional intelligence. Some of our specialties include:

  • Product Managers
  • Growth Product Managers
  • Lead/Group Product Managers
  • Directors/VP/Chief of Product
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“The Rocket team know product management inside out - their assessment of a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses was spot on in their search for a head of product for us. Now on to building out the rest of the PM team with them”
- David Lu , Vice President, SimpleLegal
Funded by YC and Emergence Capital, SimpleLegal was a legal operations platform for in-house legal and was acquired in 2019 by Houston based Onit.
"Rocket found the perfect fit by advocating for me with several teams. I really liked that they were helpful with my decision making without overselling or over pushing the opportunity"
- Alan Kwan, B.A. from UC Berkeley with 10 years of Product Management experience.

Data Science, Analytics & Machine Learning

Are you looking for a highly-trained and seasoned data professional, well-versed in the latest tools and techniques? You are in good company - the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that US companies will require another 200,000 deeply analytical positions in the next decade. Leverage Rocket’s expertise to staff your data organization from creating data models, to building ETL pipelines, data warehouses and the latest machine learning models. Some of our specialties include:

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts
  • Machine Learning Experts
  • NLP Experts
  • VP/Head of Analytics
  • VP Of Data Science
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“Rocket helped us hire amazing candidates. We have worked with several different firms/platform, and they are BY FAR the best.”
- Jessica Kirkpatrick, Director of Data Science, KoBold Metals
Funded by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) and Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures, KoBold is pioneering Digital Exploration by applying statistical modeling and big data.
Rocket understands the machine learning & data science space in more detail than any other recruiting firm I have worked with and has helped me land a role as the head of NLP at a fast growing startup!
- Harsha Sabbineni, PhD in Computer Engineering from Duke University with experience in NLP/NLU and Deep Learning techniques.


Design centric organizations generate returns twice as large as the average S&P 500 company according to a recent study. Rocket helps clients integrate design thinking into the heart & soul of the organization and use it as a strategic advantage to innovate, get ahead, and stay ahead. Our recruiters work jointly with clients to understand design needs that go far beyond just making a product look good and focus on the user journey, the intended outcomes, the detailed interactions, in addition to the visual layer. Some of our specialties include:

  • Product Designers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Visual Designers
  • Animation Designers
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“We have really loved working with Rocket across both our New York and San Francisco offices across a variety of roles. They recently helped us recruit our head of design which we are thrilled about!”
- Yardley Pohl, Chief Product Officer, Thrive Global
Funded by IVP and Greycroft Partners and Marc Benioff, Thrive Global is a corporate and consumer well­-being and productivity platform.
“Starting from the first email introducing the opportunity to signing the offer, I really enjoyed the recruiting experience with Rocket. They kept me constantly informed and helped me understand why the startup I joined was the right for me.”
- Darlena Tran, B.A. from Rice University and 5 years of product and UX design experience.

Marketing & Sales

Our clients partner with Rocket on their complex GTM strategy, execution, and sales organizations. From customer research to market definition to product strategy and customer acquisition, Rocket’s recruiters can help you find the right talent to bring the product to market and position it for success. Some of our specialties include:

  • Product Marketers
  • Performance & User Acquisition Marketers
  • Demand Generation Marketers
  • Account Executives/SDRs
  • Sales Operations
  • Director/VP of Sales
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“We are using Rocket across a variety of sales & marketing roles - from VP level to Account Executives and are thrilled with the candidate quality and overall experience!”
- Matt Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer, Rippling
Funded by Kleiner Perkins, DFJ, and Y Combinator, Rippling provides transformative IT & HR management.
"It was great working with Rocket to land a Head of Marketing role! It is the perfect fit and the recruiters worked with me every step of the way!"
- Joshua Anish, B.A. from Amherst college with 10 years of content marketing, SEO and Social Media, and product marketing experience.

Finance, HR & Operations

Rocket’s recruiting leadership has partnered with finance, accounting, supply chain, and other functional leaders for the last 20+ years. Whether you are looking for an HR Business Partner, a Supply Chain Director, an Accountant, or a Controller, we can help you tailor the job requirements and find the right profile. Some of our specialties include:

  • VPs of Functional areas
  • CFOs/Controllers
  • Accountants/Financial Analysts
  • HR Business Partners
  • Supply Chain Managers
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“Rocket has been invaluable in helping us scale all of our teams at Rachio. We have retained them on several roles here at Rachio and they have played an integral part of placing our Director of Supply Chain."
- Eric Lougher, Chief Financial Officer, Rachio
Funded by Eastside Partners, Bonaventure Capital, and Amazon Alexa Fund, Rachio is a smart sprinkler company.
“Rocket represented a client to fulfill an HR role and reached out to me. They were able to clearly articulate the role and represent the needs of the client while still advocating for me as a candidate. I have worked with many recruiters in my career, but this was my best experience.
- Angie Yi, B.S. from UC Davis and HR leader with more than 15 years of experience at Microsoft and Veeva Systems.

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